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Let us show you the world! Our goal is to provide an experience that will connect you to the country you choose to visit with us. We want you to finish your Champaca Journey feeling that is was an unparelled great experience. An experience that enriches, nourishes, relaxes,  and at the same time is lots of fun. We can do this as we have great teams to work with in each of our destinations, so you will meet lots of our local friends who join us, share their lives with you and allow you to do more than just scratch the surface. Contact us and start your journey today!



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Guided cultural tours to Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Ethiopia, and Peru with CHAMPACA JOURNEYS




champaca Cafe

Located in the heart of Paro town, Champaca Cafe is managed by the same dedicated team that brings you to Bhutan. Providing you with equally great service and a unique experience, Campaca Cafe bakes it's own goods and even has its very own special blend of coffee that can only be found here.

Besides being a well known favorite in Paro for a cup of coffee, Campaca Cafe is also the go-to-place special order cakes. For birthdays, weddings, everything else in life worth celebrating we, on order, bake cakes to fit every pallet and occasion.



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