Explore Bhutan off the beaten path. We travel to little visited southern Bhutan on this journey, to visit Royal Manas National Park, home to tropical forest, mighty rivers,and amazing wildlife. We will take you on a road trip through some of Bhutan's some of the Kingdom's most unusual regions. While Bhutan is everywhere beautiful, this journey will show you how varied the landscape is in its different areas. In addition to the south, we also visit central Bhutan; the cultural heartland of Bumthang, the impressive town of Trongsa and its immense Dzong (fortified monastery). Experience the splendor of sub-tropical Punakha and hike in the beautiful Punakha hills. Next get acquainted with Bhutan's capital of Thimphu, and finally enjoy the pleasant vibe of Paro, where you can make the ascent to Tiger's Nest Monastery, the most sacred and iconic place in Bhutan. This journey travels across Bhutan by plane and comfortable vehicle. You will see remarkable sights and meet our many Bhutanese friends as you get to know this amazing country.

March 9--23, 2023



The countryside comes alive in spring as farmers sow their fields, which then turn emerald green as seeds germinate and the yearly farming cycle commences. The forests burst into bloom as rhododendrons and other trees begin to flower. Wildflowers cover the meadows. Of course every season brings a new look for Bhutan, but spring is certainly full of new colors and the warming and lengthening days are welcomed by all. The villages and towns with their ancient stone buildings will make you think you are visiting another era. The comforts you enjoy will remind you that we are in the 21st century. And the people are some of the friendliest you will encounter anywhere. Meet our friends and you will understand why we find Bhutan and the Bhutanese so remarkable.

March 30--April, 11, 2023



This Bhutan journey explores what we consider the highlights of the Kingdom. Begin in Paro and journey to Thimphu, the capital where we get spend to know this small but fascinating city. Continue west to visit sub-tropical Punakha, one of our favorite places, with its beautiful ancient Dzong (fortified monastery) and temples in the surrounding hills. We'll take you on gentle hikes in these hills, where you can soak up the beauty of rural Bhutan. Next we travel to Trongsa, the beautiful mountainside ancient city with its dramatic setting and beautiful ancient temples. From Trongsa we drive to the high altitude Phobjikha Valley, this broad glacial valley is unlike any other place in Bhutan and renown for its beauty. Everything you see and experience is remarkable and memorable, and you will also meet many of our friends, who will join us for a day of for excursions, meeting these great people will increase your understanding of Bhutan (plus it will be a lot of fun, we have great friends to introduce you to). Explore Bhutan in comfort and style with us. We want to show you what we find so remarkable in Bhutan, so that you leave with great memories and new friends.

April 18-- May 2, 2023