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While there is never a bad time to visit Bhutan, September is exceptionally beautiful. The green rice fields take on a tinge of gold as the grains ripen. The days are still long, and almost certain to be sunny. This Bhutan journey explores what we consider the highlights of the Kingdom. Begin in Paro and journey to Thimphu, the capital where we get to know this small but fascinating city. Our visit to Thimphu will  coincide with the annual Tsechu (festival), this centuries old religious festival is a dazzling spectacle, with costumed monks performing elaborate dances, and Bhutanese come to celebrate the event dressed in their finest clothes. Continue east to visit sub-tropical Punakha, one of our favorite places, with its beautiful ancient Dzong (fortified monastery) and temples in the surrounding hills. We'll take you on gentle hikes in these hills, where you can soak up the beauty of rural Bhutan. Next we travel to Trongsa, the beautiful old mountainside city with its dramatic setting and stunning ancient temples. From Trongsa we drive to the high altitude Phobjikha Valley, this broad glacial valley is unlike any other place in Bhutan and renown for its beauty. Everything you see and experience is remarkable and memorable, and you will also meet many of our friends, who will join us for a meal of for all day excursions, meeting these great people will increase your understanding of Bhutan. Explore Bhutan in comfort and style with us. We want to show you what we find so remarkable in Bhutan, so that you leave with great memories and new friends.

September 1--15, 2024

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