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Namibia is unknown Africa at its best, one of the most stable, peaceful and dramatically beautiful countries in Africa. Much less visited than South Africa or East Africa, it is a superb safari destination with one of the biggest and best game parks on the continent, and without the crowds of people found in other places, but with multitudes of animals. Much of the country is desert, but a spectacular desert with red sand dunes, petrified forests, and desert adapted wildlife, such as elephants, lion giraffe, and rhino. The towns have the stamp of Namibia's German heritage, and are small and tidy, offering German tea rooms and other unexpected amenities. Much of the country is savanna, similar to that in East Africa, and home to many animals. On this trip we stay in some of Namibia's best hotels and lodges, as we explore this fascinating country with our local guide.

December 1-14, 2022

Namibia lone elephant.jpeg
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