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SOCOTRA: Nov 12-19, 2024

For those with a taste for the unusual Socotra might be your cup of tea. Remote and little visited Socotra is also beautiful and its landscape has been termed the most surreal or alien looking on the planet. With little in the way of infrastructure, a visit to Socotra involves camping in comfortable tents for most nights. This puts you in contact with our delightful Socotra team who set up camp, cook great meals, drive us around the island, explain the many sights of their island to us, all with patience and good cheer. Each day brings a new adventure as we explore another part of this varied island, and observe more of the endemic plant life, the most renown of which are the dragon blood trees. We will visit villages and meet locals, trek into canyons to swim in beautiful rivers, enjoy the beaches and water of the azure Indian Ocean, take hikes through phenomenal landscapes, and camp under the stars in comfortable tents.

November 12-19, 2024

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