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The Silk Road, the ancient trade route that altered the course of human history. Two thousand years ago traders journeyed from China to the west, laden with silk, spices, and jewels. When Europeans traveled east towards China they returned with knowledge that changed their perception of the world. The cross cultural exchange that took place left an indelible mark on human history.

On this journey we explore the most fabled cities of the Silk Road in current day Uzbekistan, beautiful Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand. We also see the more recent developments in Uzbekistan, its development under Imperial Czarist Russia, the Soviet Union and independent Uzbekistan, where the past and present mingle to form this now thriving modern nation.

Neighboring Tajikstan is equally as interesting, yet quite different. While Uzbekistan is a wonder of ancient mosques, minarets and madrasas, and shiny modern cities, Tajikistan, the second most mountainous country in the world will astonish you with its grand mountains, mountain lakes and rivers and small friendly villages.

We explore both countries in the company of local guides who want to enjoy and understand the many changes in their countries over the past centuries and will make history come alive as we have fun getting to know these ancient lands.

September 24--October 5, 2024

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